Key Features: Interior
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The Mazda MX-5 RF blends open-air driving fun with the sophisticated cabin environment of a coupe. Improving on the already refined MX-5 convertible, the new Retractable Fastback features a noise absorption headliner integrated into its clever roof design, while additional sound insulation material in the rear wheel housings ensures road noise is lowered to a level that complements the wind noise reductions achieved by the roof. Further sound deadening materials have been added to key areas to reduce high frequency powertrain noise –examples include an insulation sheet at the front of the transmission tunnel, plus noise absorption materials around the gearlever and behind the dashboard.

Roof operation

Controlled at the touch of a button, the Mazda MX-5 RF’s fully automatic roof features a powered roof latch that replaces the manual unit on the last-generation retractable hard top (RHT) MX-5. The control switch is neatly incorporated into the dash design below the heater control - pressing it upwards opens the roof, while pressing it down shuts the roof, and the movement takes just 13 seconds in both directions. In addition, the roof operation status is animated on the full colour TFT screen housed within the left hand instrument dial.Unique to the RF, this high-resolution TFT display also shows trip information, fuel level, coolant temperature and compass bearing.


Mazda’s MZD-Connect in-car connectivity and integrated navigation system is standard on all models. Accessed via the 7-inch colour touch-screen display and Multimedia Commander, in addition to navigation functions, it works with compatible internet-enabled iPhone and Android smartphones to access a variety of free mobile content via Aha™ or Stitcher™ applications. These cloud based platforms feature thousands of stations, personalised location-based services and both Twitter and Facebook feeds. MZD-Connect also supports iPod®, MP3 and CD playback, plus SMS and email readout functions.

Premium Bose® Sound System

Bose® and Mazda have teamed up to develop a premium sound system tailored to the MX-5 for an outstanding listening experience even with the roof down. Standard on Sport Nav models the system includes nine high-performance speakers including UltraNearfieldTM speakers in each headrest, plus a 13-cm woofer in a bass enclosure in the footwell and a digital amplifier below the soft-top storage. The UltraNearfieldTM speakers create a sound that’s perceived much wider than the actual distance between speakers so that music seems to extend beyond the confines of the cabin, roof up or down.


Featuring the same clever storage solutions as the MX-5 convertible, the Mazda MX-5 RF’s driver-focused cabin has stowage areas that are cleverly designed to deliver the necessary day-to-day practicality without compromising the sporty ergonomics and coupe style of the cabin. The front console tray at the base of the central stack is designed to accommodate mobile phones and iPods and an integratedhub includes USB and SD card slots for digital device connection. Positioned between the seats is a lockable centre box that offers secure storage if the car is left unattended roof down.The RF also features a pair of removable cup holders, either of which can attach to the front of the console by the passengers leg or one of the two positions between the seats.


Seats are an important part of Mazda’s human centric approach to delivering the sense of oneness between car and driver that lies at the heart of Mazda’s ‘Drive Together’ ethos. The standard MX-5 seat not only delivers superb support and a classic ‘at one with the car’ sports car driving position, it also uses a light net structure that reduces the amount of vibration transmitted to the occupant by 35 per cent. Heated black leather seats are standard on Sport Nav models, while brown coloured Nappa leather trim is a £400 option.

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